anselm eickhoff mglt

“anzelm eye-coff”


Solving serious problems through playful experiments.
Teaching systems-thinking to the next generation of curious kids.



A new city-building game that dares to go beyond everything in its genre. Open source, funded through Patreon.

Garden (upcoming)

Exploring what happens if UIs become more like programming and programming becomes more like sketching on paper.

Humans at Play (upcoming)

Writing about computers and the human condition.


Full-Stack Web Development, Special Topics in Computer Science,
CI & Design.

🕹 little things


WebGL-based flood simulation on the GPU. (bachelor thesis)


Auto-generation of elegantly meaningless startup pitch-decks.


A tiltable terrarium of water, life and death.

🙏 GRatitude

My Parents

For exposing me to many interesting things “way too early”.
For letting me be.


For true love and healthy challenge.

Dieter Stein

For showing me elegance in both code and game rules.

André Salvagnac

For showing me the wonders of electronics.

Mustafa Isik

For being a mentor at heart.

Sebastian Kaindl

For being the first to teach me strength.


For making me look at ants of any scale and getting me hooked on emergent system behaviour at the ripe age of 4.

David MacAulay

For letting me see into things and below the streets.

Alan Kay

For opening my eyes to the glorious early history of computing, exposing the cult-like fashion of modern software “engineering” and proving that it's still possible and worthwhile to be a polymath.

Bill Watterson

For making Calvin & Hobbes so real and deep that I truly grew up with them.

Day[9], H3H3Productions

For showing me that in this day and age you can thrive on doing what you love as long as you engage an audience.

Douglas Adams

For solidifying in me the poetry of nonsense.

Kubrick, TarkovskyVilleneuve

For showing (very slowly!) how we are naked facing the alien.

TU Munich

For being my alma mater and giving me free access to papers.


For running well enough that it's pleasantly boring to be a citizen.


For having spawned my wife and being quite a wonderful country.

The Universe

For being just the way it is. It's a pretty cool one!