Anselm Eickhoff

hacker, artist and game developer

My last name is pronounced "Eye-Coff".
I currently live in Munich, Germany.


Creating games for a new generation.

Playful systems-level thinking for everyone!

The tiny supercomputers that we carry around with us nowadays can simulate millions of things in realtime. This is my platform for inviting young and old to interactively understand the hugely complicated systems that our lifes are embedded in.

My first epic effort along this path is Citybound, a truly new city building game.

Rethinking programming.

Fundamentally better tools for a barbaric cult.

Instead of seducing us to write complicated software, programming languages should vanish behind the problem at hand and merely enlighten our reasoning process. Once programming is as easy as writing a good book, we will solve our world's problems in no time!

I'm currently trying out some first ideas at the software development department of a public broadcasting service - helping a dinosaur catch up with today's realities at fast-forward speeds.

Small random stuff I made.

Greener (WebGL)

An interactive doodle about water, life and death.

Distracted Goose (Web)

A game about flying and hunger.

Frog (Web)

A game about jumping paper frogs that can't swim and a curious koi.

Copyright 2016 Anselm Eickhoff